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Ping your domain instantly upto 4 Million Websites

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How does it work?

We have manually collected all search engine urls and meta crawler urls along with sites which auto-generate content also We have scanned all active 3 billion urls to find out 4 million distinct urls which take input parameters e.g. search, q, keywords, query, url, domain etc. The manually selected 1000 urls are always included at the beginning of the ping

when you provide a domain name or url to this service it gets 2000 random URLs from our servers and appends the domain to the url query parameter and sends in requests to the traget website right from your browser, triggering an update/search to the website. A lot of these urls are auto-generate kind of links where unique content for your domain gets built when you trigger them, also there are lot of websites which start indexing your domain when these queries are made also backlinks get created with these queries. Your domain will quickly and effortlessly get prominence across the entire internet.

What if I want to ping all 4 million instead of random 2000?

You can use this service in an unlimited manner repeating your pings, every time 2000 random urls will be fetched from a database of around 4 million pingable URLs.

Also around 12 high domain authority free back links will be automatically created with a screenshot of your website in the gallery section of this website and all our associated websites

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